“Testimonial Letters”Dear Mr. Kiesewetter,

I am writing this letter so that it may be used as a letter of reference to bereaved families who may need your expert services.

Mr. Kieeswetter, first of all we thank you for your patience and kindness to our family. Secondly, we have the highest admiration and confidence in you as a result of our experience with you. Truly a professional all the way you first secured my parent’s real estate and property to be sure no vandals would damage or steal. Second, you saw to the legal aspects in conjunction with Marcia Gunnar’s expertise at the law offices of Dick Williams & Assoc. Third, you organized all the personal property so well. Fourth, you cleaned and waxed the house and its floors to present it in the best condition possible for an “as is” real estate auction. Fifth, you had a mechanic get all the motorized equipment and vehicles running to get the best price for them. Sixth, and most important when family concerns about items advertised for auction imposed themselves, you graciously and very kindly provided a way for these desires of my mother to be honored.We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We would recommend you to anyone. Because we live so far away, this letter seemed the best way we could perhaps encourage others who walked the path we have to feel safe in trusting you and your services.

John & Ann Erust
6138 Pebble Drive
Allendale, Michigan 49401

May 25, 2001

Re: Mr. Merlin Kiesewetter
Kiesewetter Auction Services


Please be advised the undersigned has worked with Merlin Kiesewetter and his crew on three separate auctions, two for which involved a subdivision of approximately 100 acres. Based on my experiences with Mr. Kiesewetter, I wholeheartedly recommend his services and have been more than pleased with his professionalism, promptness and willingness to go the extra mile for his clients.

Serving in a fiduciary capacity, we have added pressure of meeting beneficiaries expectations. We find Mr. Kiesewetter is extremely helpful and realistic in his opinions of value and expectancies of a return on auctions. This is most helpful in preparing beneficiaries for auction results; however, Merlin’s greatest attribute is his personal touch. He is involved with all aspects of the auction from painting advertising signs, personally maintaining the property, to walking the grounds with potential bidders. During the auction his honesty, fairness, and professionalism to bidders earns him the respect of his fellow auctioneers and community.

I wholeheartedly recommend him as a professional auctioneer to handle any size auction from personal property to large parcels of real estate. Once you have experienced Mr. Kiesewetter’s services you will understand why he has so many repeat clients. If I can provide you with any further information, do not hesitate to call.

Very truly yours,

Marvin E. Beckman, Executive Director
Moody Bible Institute
One North LaSalle StreetSuite 2046Chicago, Illinois 60602

Gordon W. Nugent

29 May 2001

Dear Merlin,

In the enclosed letter (original sent to Peoria Journal-Star editors), Irene and I have understate the respect we felt for you and your good wife when we saw how you conducted an auction. The understatement was a deliberate attempt to reduce the chances the editors might reject the letter as too much of a commercial for the Kiesewetters.

The plain fact is that you took charge of family property that will be important to our grandchildren, could have been important to Lee’s grandchildren, and presented it fairly to the biggest array of bidders you, we and Lee could generate, and there is no way to thank you for the way you did it.

For the crop-management aspect of our new property, we have decided to begin our stewardship with Greene Farm Management Services, Inc., of Dunlap. This is secondary, as you know, to the eventual development of the land as prime residential subdivision. We trust we may call on you again when the time comes, for the benefit of your knowledge and judgment about how to proceed.

Meantime, thanks again and all good wishes to you and yours.


Gordon W. Nugent

29 May 2001

Editor Journal Star One News Plaza Peoria, IL 61643


Since my Peoria boyhood over sixty years ago, a spectacular tract of land overlooking Peoria Lake ten minutes upriver from McCluggage Bridge has bee a family jewel. Thick old hardwood trees, panoramic views from bluff-top and hillside, level fields for crops and grassland with all the great natural beauties of central Illinois embraced in one package.

Auctions, complex dramas old as humanity, have gotten a bad odor lately with the decline of the leaders, Sotheby’s and Christie’s. Imagine my dismay when family disagreements forced a public auction of the jewel. According to Roberts: “Auction Action! A Survival Companion for Any Auction Goer”, auctioneers have a magical bag of time-tested tricks, leaving you little recourse if victimized. When I heard my brother Lee, a lifelong educator of Peoria’s children, had chosen an auctioneer and fellow educator named Merlin, I knew I was a goner.

Happily I was wrong. Merlin Kiesewetter, veteran local auctioneer, found the brothers in unresolved conflict a few minutes before the auction began. He ruled like a judge, satisfying neither of us, but treating us both fairly. When one brother made a last-moment request to address the bidders the opposing brother got equal time. Kiesewetter made an honest attempt to the complex tract fully and accurately, presenting dozens of photos, winter and summer videotapes, and discussion of the sites, assets, and weaknesses. He ruled the auction with firmness, fairness and showmanship. He left us all believing that the morning’s auction action had been about as fair and open as human affairs ever get.


December 03, 1999

Dear Mr. Kiesewetter;

Forgive me for not writing sooner but I would like to express my sincere appreciation to you for your assistance to my family and my sister after the death of our parents. Losing both parents within five months of each other created two estates with parcels of farm land in each to be disposed of. I was impressed with your knowledge of the real estate market and farm ground in the surrounding areas and pleased with your recommendation to auction the two properties.

On one of the deeds there was a question as to the location of the property because of the script used over forty years ago when the land was deeded to one of my parents. You took three hours out of your busy schedule, drove me to the county courthouse and we searched plat books for over an hour to find the parcel of land and validate its accuracy. Your professionalism and unquestionable concern for your clients has earned my highest admiration and respect.

I was pleased that the advertising for our auction included the local newspaper, several town papers and the construction of a large billboard in the town the land was located. Through your efforts we had a wonderful turnout the day of the sale and sold our two properties for a price well above the going price per acre during that time period. Your commission was competitive and fair.

Should we need the services of an auctioneer in the future, we would certainly get in touch with you. We would recommend you to anyone requiring an auctioneer.

Kathy LeBreton
RR #1 Box 89A Shirley, IL 61772