1. Attorney Brassfield of Moody Bible Institute at 312-236-5907
  2. Marvin Beckman of Moody Bible Institute
  3. Dan Maloof of Maloof Commercial Realty 309-676-6000
  4. Gordon W. Nugent of Nugent Estate at 203-762-8274
  5. Lee Nugent of Nugent Estate at 309-692-9598
  6. Kathy Le Breton of Koch Estate at Box 89 A, Shirley, IL 61772
  7. John Nelson of SBA at 1-800-925-0116
  8. Dave Levin of Ruhl Reality ph: 563-355-4445
  9. Charles Fuller of Washington Corporation at 309-678-5010
  10. Attorney Arthur Kingery at 309-676-3612
  11. Attorney William Kelly at 309-674-4565
  12. Waugh and Rick Look at Waugh Foods in East Peoria, Il.
  13. Linda Curcio of Dexter Industries, Inc. dba Tuffy Auto Service
  14. Attorney Lawerence E. Schwenger,Jr. ph: 309-676-8986
  15. Attorney Dick Williams and Associates, East Peoria, Il.
  16. James Tjaden, South Bend, Indiana, Ph: 574-272-4699
  17. Attorney William Wombacher, Peoria, Illinois
  18. Dr. Garth Piercy, Bloomington, Illinois
  19. Richard Majors, Morton, Illinois
  20. Bobby Barnhill, East Peoria, Illinois

Feel free to call the references above to speak to them about their experiences with us as an auction service!!!